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Gang Application - Crnk - 06/05/21


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  1. What is your gang name? : HITSQUAD
  2. What is your user ID? : 65
  3. When was your gang created? : 01/08/20
  4. Tell us your gang backstory: PRELUDE:
    When the Gambino crime family and RSK were at war, the most devastating war the city had ever seen. Once the dust settled and most members of the rival factions
    were either found dead or imprisoned for life. A power vacuum was left behind. This was the dawn for a new breed of gangsters to organize themselves and orchestrate the streets of London.
    A group of ruthless, ambitious criminals with powerful investors, seized control. The organization, spearheaded by infamous gangsters such as Jaxin, Crnk, Reece, and Gunna. Now dubbed by BBC news
    "the Hitsquad" due to the vicious nature of the criminals involved. Known for a string of robberies, home invasions, kidnappings, and pure down-on-your-knees executions.

    In a bid to secure power over the vast criminal enterprise that spawns in the streets of London. The Hitsquad Organization enlisted former RSK consigliere, Vladimir "Rebel" Gagarin.
    A Russian bratva enforcer and criminal mastermind. Once enlisted and entangled within the ranks of the Hitsquad Organization, he began making such power changes that would ripple through the city and change it forever.
    Vladimir made alliances with multiple criminal organizations, whilst having the backing of the strongest and most powerful one. He initiated a commission to oversee all rackets in the city.
    Once at the helm of this table and securing other seats involving crime factions such as the Givenchy crime family and the Camorra. He manipulated his way to a sort of de-facto capo di tutti capi, boss of all bosses.
    After a series of controlling power moves. The Commission gained control of most parts of the city. The Givenchy controlled the city. Camorra controlled Sandy and Hitsquad controlled the north, Paleto. But also such territories as, Heroin trade, LSD, and Large Arms.
    The Commission split the control of the Casino equally amongst the families and factions currently seated at the Commission's table.

    CURRENT: After the catalyst of the 2020 racketeering case against the Hitsquad organization, figurehead and crime boss of the organization, Vladimir Gagarin was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison. 1 year into his prison sentence he pulled off a brazen prison escape.

    With the downfall of the organization, other crime syndicates in the city stepped up to fill in the void and re-form the commission that Vlad had once started a long time ago.
    Unbeknownst, the Russian Mafia Boss had "sent for them" - called in a meeting to stake his claim in the commission in an unknown location. It seems yet again the city has fallen under their grasp.
  5. What RP does your gang predominantly do? : HitSquad is most notorious for its hits and kidnappings hence the name. The organization offers an extremely professional hit and kidnapping service for a cash payout. We are also involved in extortion and a protection service where we offer protection from turf control, meeting oversight, and finally armored transportation protection.

    HitSquad is also known for its illegal gun trade, as the organization has access to the largest collection of imported custom firearms. This ranges from pistols to shotguns, SMGs, ars, and finally sniper rifles.
  6. What idea do you have for your whitelisted gang perk? : we would like to suggest a few perks and see what's available to us.

    1. We want a sort of "large arms" in our gang hideout where we can buy our own guns. Without it being affected by the tax in real large arms. We want it working just like large arms. Where our members can go and buy our "HitSquad gun" and their own personal whitelists. Without their whitelist being part of some bigger hive. This way our individual members maintain their own whitelist and can become a seller in our organization to personally sell them off to other gangs.
    Script wise, it would just be a whitelisted faction similar to the PD and Large arms where only members can go up and buy the guns they are whitelisted to and the "hitsquad gun." We would like them at a stock price so we can then resell them to other gangs, in a form of roleplay which is already well seen around the city.

    2. We would also like a black market, so you could sell anything from jewelry, drugs, and guns. This means that other people could come to us to buy and sell their goods for example a custom ar in which we get a percentage of that sale. all this could be done in-game rather than discord.

    Script wise this could work like the tarkov flea market.
  7. Please post a screenshot of your proposed gang outfit(s): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/837480530109923354/838219957400633364/HITSQUAD_B.png


  8. Please post your gang roster: - BOSS -


    - UNDER BOSS -

    - Lieutenant -

    - Soldier -

    - Member -
  9. I confirm I have read and understand the whitelisted gang rules: Yes

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Fragging Server????

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Massive +1 from me. We've been around since the start of this roleplay stuff. There is no way to say this without sounding arrogant but me and also El Chapo started this roleplay wave. Since the first commission we had with Callum and DanUK. To the second one with Wuskin to this one. We've been around and are now one of the gangs that have been around the longest. Especially in the roleplay scene. Everyone that knows me personally know that I have put in hundreds of man hours to make this roleplay and to make it flourish. Hopefully staff can review this with our history in mind.

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Been in CMG for ages and are well known Gang.

Always active and Looking to get into RP

Always helping people out.

I would love to see HS become a whitelisted gang due to all of there hard work.




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I would like to +1 Hitsquads Application for the following reasons:

- Showing good organisation in their discord between members now, leading the team.
- Very active after the gang roleplay has come back into the city.
- I have seen Roleplay first, shoot later. This is what's required and expected of them to prioritise the RP at heart.
- Long time serving gang in CMG. They fell off the radar however have made a whopping comeback.

The only downside is consistency and keeping the roster for the whitelisted filled with people who will abide by the rules. This can be monitored by Management however if they commit to being professional throughout this whole organisation.

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Recently, HitSquad have proven themselves and positively involved themselves in the new gang RP that has made its way back into CMG. Along with this, they have been around the CMG Community for quite a while and have experienced most if not all sides of CMG so have a good outlook on what is expected of a whitelisted faction and they should be run. Finally, the management team behind HitSquad are all extremely mature and know what they're doing.

I feel as though HitSquad would make a good addition as a whitelisted faction for the reasons stated above. 

Edited by Roguee

Ex - Senior Administrator
Ex - Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Discord: roguee#9268

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Hitsquad are a very well known gang throughout CMG, not only would they be suitable for this role it may also make other smaller gangs try to follow in their footsteps which would further promote gang RP within the city. Also recently the RP hitsquad have been doing is great, would love to see them become whitelisted.

Big Moafer

Senior Moderator



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