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  2. +1 great roleplay gang they deserve it
  3. +1 been amazing gang from day 1 love it and all the members
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  5. +1 always doing good rp trades (cocaine and banking) respected gang
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  8. I Love You ❤️ 


    1. BEVS_GIRL



  9. hi, I've done my unban appeal and it got accepted, however Ashy told me to go to team speaks and I've sat there for hours upon hours and got absolutely nothing from it. what should i do?
  10. But I want to know how I ban evaded??? And I dont even know my IGN name because im so new
  11. You can appeal the ban here - https://cmgstudios.net/forums/index.php?/forms/4-unban-appeal/
  12. So pretty much, joined the server today and got perma banned for ban evading? My in game id is: 401270 Link to picture: https://ibb.co/YZz4my9
  13. +1 Gangs active and always trying to create RP
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  15. What is your gang/organisation name?: Royal SyndicateWhat is your user ID?: 1142When was your gang/organisation created?: 16/11/23What RP does your gang predominantly do?: The Royal Syndicate predominantly involves itself in a mix of Non hostile and hostile RP situations. The Royal Syndicate involvement primarily is Cocaine trade deals, Heist Device Deals and different types of meetings with other gangs and organisations. Our Cocaine business is very lucrative, We are currently split 50/50 with Ronin Empire. Our coca leafs come from columbia we have suppliers that ship it over to london for us nobody asks us questions about how it comes over here as we are quite well known. We have people working for us as well in columbia bringing "coca leafs" and we take them and take it over to our cocaine processing building (sandy shores). Our cocaine is 99% pure the 1% is talcum powder, sugar, baking soda and caffeine all that is mixed in together to make it 99% pure. Obvisouly pure cocaine comes in a salt form it is then neutralized with a solvent to make a white powder. Our first step is the workers harvest the coca leaves, then the leaves are soaked in gasoline. Then the cocaine base is dried and then the dried substance is dissolved in a solvent. And the final step is the excess solvents are removed and then it is dried into bricks. We then have the bricks and our workers will then cut it down for you unless you want to be a whole brick of it and do it yourself. The Royal Syndicate are also the minds behind the Heist Device business which has recently become a trade to be fought for within the city, we source our top of the range Thermite for melting the toughest steel gates, Scramblers for disabling CCTV/bypassing any digital security systems & door hacking devices for effortlessly breaking into vaults. Once sourced through our highly skilled heist specialists. We distribute to other criminal organizations who are interested in spending less time sourcing their own devices and more time making money. Currently we are 50/50 for this trade with The Brotherhood but in the future will be running 100% of the trade once again. We aim to have multiple meetings every week with other gangs about future business opportunities, discussing various recent activities within the city and meeting/welcoming new gangs to the city and organising future meetings/deals with new gangs to increase their exposure to the city. Overall the main focus of Royal Syndicate is to increase Roleplay involvement of all gangs weather hostile or non hostile and to further the storyline in cmg.Where does your group reside? (Gang area/MLO): The Royal Syndicate resides on an island of the coast of London called Cayo Perico Island, The gangs main building is the Cayo Perico Mansion on the far side of the island to avoid the noise and civilian filled streets of the city. This also mean the Royal Syndicate continues to thrive without constant pressure from the Metropolitan Police Department. This is also where the Royal Syndicate keeps and receives its arms supply, only bringing weapons into the city with them when needed. Keeping our weapons out of reach of other gangs and the police. The Cayo Perico Island has a great private airstrip, this is where our Colombian friends land to deliver our coca leafs. The Cayo Perico Mansion is also a heavily fortified villa with high walls surrounding the main villa with a extra fencing perimeter with a one way in and one way out main gate. The main security risk being our air defense against helicopters, we counter that issue with our own private heli pad within the compound.What is your gang/organisation primary colour?: Gold/Yellow
  16. robbster can you explain why i waited 6 months to finally be able to unban appeal then once i appeal i get denied and sent a reply on the appeal that i have to wait another month as soon as my appeal is good enough to get unbanned please look into this i've been waiting for so long to appeal this ban and been trying to make the appeal as you guys wanted i placed more effort and everything.appeal.thumb.PNG.087aab66ad6d3b6e396ae95103047785.PNG 




    appeal 1.PNG

    appeal 2.PNG

    1. Kacper sk

      Kacper sk

      my old friend from cmg helped me write it he managed to get unbanned aswell and if it looks like someone else's then it really isnt my fault  


    2. Max..


      Says you plagiarised someone's appeal. Don't copy anyone else's in future then your appeal will be valid.

    3. RbxCell


      still your fault. Write it yourself next time

  17. if there is any chance i can be granted an unban and be allowed to re-join cmg i feel like I have a lot to offer I'm a good business man and can offer a lot of people work and i feel like i would be aa good fit for the community 



  18. https://cmgstudios.net/forums/index.php?/forum/10-unban-appeal/
  19. Hi im rambo on the server and id 420913 and there are alot of other ppl with the exact same username but anyway back to the point, im new to this server and ionly have like 10 hours on game as i bought gta just to play cmg and i was playing and i killed like 3 people and then got a perm ban for ban evading when ive never been banned before and i just want to play as ive done nothing wrong
  20. how do i do a unban appeal
  21. hey man you recently denied my ban appeal but seriously i know its hard to believe but i used to play on my friends account because i couldnt afford gta recently bought it again after ages and i swear i didnt ban evade pelase reconsider my ban appeal.


  22. max check dc


  23. Jvckk


    Anyway i can reset my ingame account as i have $0?
  24. need help mate management is not helping me i spent 237£ and got banned for no reason it comes up with a ban evade which i don't know what its talking about because i was playing cmg for 4 days and then since then I've now been banned for 11 days i asked a management admin see if she could help she just bluntly ignored me been trying to get help now for 11 days straight and all i get is pushed to one side at this point i just want to get back on cmg and if not i want me money back because i have been wrongfully banned and i don't know why i ask multiple admins why and i get no response at this point I've been robbed and scammed i didn't even get use my products and that's i wanted to do is use it now I've been left for 11 days I've lost hope of someone helping me I've tried everything even the cmg support ticket and team speak to try get help i get nothing i even tried a developer admin see if he could help me i got no response you're basically my lost hope to try get this sorted because no one is willing to do anything about this situation I'm in please help my id is 419408 wasn't even on cmg a week and this has happened to me i don't understand why because i haven't done anything wrong to get banned all i was doing was truck driving chilling with new people around cmg and going up to wages in sandy sometimes fragging sometimes just watching and chilling. I have made an appeal on the cmg forums      

    Screenshot 2024-04-11 013014.png

  25. Hey Vincent my ticket is still on hold for being clearly scammed? Can we get the ban or comp ?


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