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  3. *London Underworld*

    New gang looking for members in CMG!

    All ranks are currently available.

    Gang Requirements
    • Loyalty
    • Respectful
    • Understanding of our gang ranks and commands, ranks will be given in time with loyalty. (All roles available)

    Why Join London Underworld?
    • Weekly CMG Store item giveaways
    • Structure and loyalty from fellow gang members 
    • Only donate to gang funds if you have it spare (Whatever you can give helps us grow)
    • Serious Gang  RP/Crime, Building Drug, Guns, Property Empire’s 

    Please DM to be added to the Discord and build a crime gang from scratch.

    1. Supreme_Wizard


      Currently doing solo Diamond 💎 mining and getting £600,000 for the gang fund every 20/30 mins. With more members and vans we would be making millions an hour. DM on Discord to Join 

      Supreme Wizard •LDNU•#9337

  4. Last week
  5. Soupy

    please could u look at my unban app g

  6. Sorry about the issue it wouldn't let me upload it.


  7. Shut up

    1. tefdawg


      jamo... just because you cant see the wolf in me doesnt mean its not there.wolf.PNG.9963a646ce8a1e487b8342e6bb51ab73.PNG

  8. Earlier
  9. https://cmgstudios.net/forums/index.php?/forms/4-unban-appeal/ Same place as an unban in game.
  10. I've been banned for more than 1.5 years and wish to try undo the ban on my discord acc
  11. Your ban is valid, you may appeal on the date you were given.
  12. Hello, ive been banned for like 1 month ago fivem hasent really been funny anymore too me cus cmg is the only thing i play. Is it possible to hop in teamspeak and talk about it and maybe get a reduced sentence?
  13. Yo can you look into my unban appeal.


    Idk if you remember me from old CMG

  14. Yo 

  15. free my dargy c1

  16. Please check your VIP garage for this perk, if it is still not there attempt to relog.
  17. today I bought the supporter pack for £10 I waited 5-10 minutes as required. I received the money but don't yet have the vehicle, I don't know if I'm being dumb of its an glitch help would be apricated - Gabriel
  18. Server down for anyone else ?

    1. Tedd


      Server isn't down, howver the server ID has changed. So it will appear offline in history and favourites. Just search CMG again and it'll work or F8 connect (F8 -> connect s1.cmg.city)

  19. hi so i was banned on discord because i was hacked and it started to send messages but its all ok now. my discord Angry Meme#6276
  20. unban me please i didnt mean to kill those guys


  21. I miss u xoxo

  22. Appeal your dc ban thru an unban appeal
  23. Fill out this form^
  24. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkBRG7AIAHIR5mz0JlDPkgYQh9hLc87yUiR3f3-j9Lwy4VUg/viewform
  25. hello i am banned from all cmg discords i think i will name a few i know for sure CMG offical cmg trader hmps pd nhs and soa i was banned since i was hacked and racial slurs where used on my profile and malicious links where sent as well i would like to be unbanned as i have recently been unbanned in game if you can help add me on discord Jxckrundle#9325 please unban me
  26. Why did you ban me omgggg

  27. I miss uuu 😁😁😁😁😁

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