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  • Community Rules

    1.1 AdvertisingThis includes but is not limited to:
    Using any of our platforms to advertise any server, community, company, product or service is not permitted.
    Advertising CMG on any other website, server, or community.

    1.2 Bullying - Antagonizing someone based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion/belief is unacceptable and will result in a permanent ban. 

    1.3 Impersonation Intentionally impersonating another member of the community or group without consent from the player being impersonated. This includes all community members, groups and staff.

    1.4 Language As this is a UK Roleplay Community, we request that you only speak or write in English to stop confusion for other players.

    1.5 Discrimination CMG does not tolerate any discrimination based on but not limited to gender, skin colour, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. Your voice and/or text may be recorded for use in moderation purposes across our community.

    1.6 Malicious Attacks Any attempts or threats to harm or otherwise disrupt our infrastructure will not be tolerated.

    1.7 PII (Personally Identifiable Information) You are not permitted to release or spread personal information about any members of this community, whether this information is publicly available or not.

    1.8 Chargeback – Any attempt to chargeback is not allowed.

    1.9 Staff Discretion CMG Staff reserve the right to restrict access to our services (game server, TeamSpeak, and forums) at their own discretion. This may include (but not limited to) players trying to cause issues, players not willing to resolve disputes, players who show a bad attitude towards rule violations etc. Staff have the final say in any circumstances, and staff discretion may be exercised during uncertainty or mistreatment of rules.

    1.10 Cheating Using scripts or modifications that change the functionality of your game are forbidden. Attempting to or using any unauthorized ‘enhancement’ will result in a permanent ban.

    1.11 Ban Evading – Any attempt to evade a ban is not allowed.

    1.12 Withholding/Storing FiveM Cheats Attempting to use/being associated with FiveM cheats is not allowed, storing FiveM cheats on your computer will result in a permanent ban. 

    1.13 Multi-Accounting - Multi-accounting of any form is not allowed. 

    1.14 Association with External Modifications Anyone who is caught being associated with any kind of external modifications (executors, scripts etc.), or people who associate with these people without any attempt to report them to an appropriate staff member.

    1.15 Failure to provide POV Failure to provide POV while on POV Watch would result in a permanent ban. 

    1.16 Withholding Information From Staff - Anyone found to be withholding information from staff about players committing rulebreaks, depending on the severity of the rulebreak will be punished. This may be (but not limited to) withholding information about who was behind a mass VDM clip and refusing to give up their name, withholding information about cheaters, or withholding information about players with intent to cause malicious activity to the server.

    1.17 Blackmail - Any form of blackmail is not allowed. This includes, (but not limited to) blackmailing players for money in exchange of not reporting them, using information or evidence against someone in exchange of any form of benefit or reward.

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