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  1. hi dev 

    1. Deviation


      hello there

    2. akonjob


      dev do you reckon I could get in pd team or could you at least look at my app ?

  2. Denied - Gang has currently disbanded.
  3. Hello sir, this is not classed as scamming if he was trying to help you. You probably did not listen to the instructions on the page properly or from the admin. To make it a 1:2 you leave the last two dropdown boxes as N/A on the store. This leaves the extra slot.
  4. Hello - My DMs have been open for a week, and I also replied in game support. Please contact me in DMs.
  5. quick question for u lad, ched or haze? 

    1. reaper


      defo haze mate that 10/10 bog weed smokes perfect 

  6. love you

  7. I'm trying to explain on my appeal that I haven't done anything wrong. I was kicked for a lua error and that was it. You are accusing me of spawning money and instantly denying my appeal, this is the 3rd time now. I literally bought the donator rank and a few hours later I'm banned, if you don't believe me you can check. It's really frustrating mate all I want to do is play. Are you not able to take my word for it and give me the benefit of the doubt? I wouldn't keep trying to get unbanned otherwise if I actually did cheat then I would have gave in in the first place and gone elsewhere.

    1. Deviation


      Come to Teamspeak on Friday night or Saturday with Deviation in your name and we can look into your ban.

    2. Granty


      Thank you, I’ll come Friday

  8. Hello. Please help me i’ve tried to contact so many people on this server but nothing seems to be working. My posts on the forums keep getting deleted without any advise on what to do. I upgraded my car at los santos customs and spent over 200k. When i spawned my car back in none of it had saved- not even the respray. This has actaully happened before and i received no support and lost 300k. Now i’ve lost 500k all together and no one is trying to fix it. I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thanks 

  9. Gang Whitelist application on hold for Management Review.
  10. hey did you receive the last thing i sent you regarding the unban?


    upon getting a response to my ban appeal and seeing it has been put on hold and not instantly denied i feel i should add more as i appreciate that the time has been put into looking into it and giving me a potential chance of getting back on  the server.  i don't think my initial message shown just how much i would like to be able to get back into the city. 
    what i did was extremely immature and at the time in my pov it was just a childish back and forward on a discord call with some kid and the past couple months all i have done is regret making a statement like i did as i would never even  act on it ( or even know how to do it ), if i knew making a stupid threat like that would ever impact my gameplay or access to cmg i would have kept my mouth shut and from this situation i have matured and would never dare dream of acting like this on the internet i cringe when i think about it. it is not me at all. with regards to the ban evading all i can do is apologise and would apologise over and over it's hard to justify stupidity especially when you regret it but i guess in the most honest way possible all i can say is i love the server and the several groups of great people on there and just at one point was willing to act on stress and curiosity rather than wait it out with my fingers crossed to be unbanned. i apologise yet again i know how strongly this is looked at and just think i didnt stop and think of the bigger picture. it would mean a lot to me to be given another chance i know a lot of people say this but the time away has been well and truly used to reflect on the stupidity and i know love to be able to get back on and prove i could be a valuable member of the community and prove im not the idiot i made myself out to be. i have been watching bodycams the whole time ive been off and am aching to get back into some good rp and the events that have been happening recently, no other servers cut it for me this was my first and most enjoyed place to play on. i would like to potentially look into taking rp to another level and having a purpose in the city like nhs or maybe even police in the future rather then get involved in the constant fights. 
    i would take any measure to ensure you can watch me closely to make sure my regret is the truth and not just a blag on a appeal to try win my chance back on, i could do things  such as using a bodycam everytime i play, or anything you can suggest i would just really like to be back.
    i understand that appeals must be irritating and u probably read the same speel everyday but i mean every word that i say and the fact my appeal hasn't been instantly denied has made me feel even more strong about the chance i may actually  be able to get back on and enjoy the city again properly 
    thank you and hope to hear back soon - have a good day...


    i was told by you on my unban appeal to wait until the first of this month, i waited a little extra to let the time pass, would mean the world if we could get into a team speak call & potentially sort out like a few rules for me to be unbanned

  12. Hey it did not work @Deviation 


    1. Name: VR
    2. Perm ID : 214141
    3. Who banned you? : Deviation
    4. Duration of ban? : Permanent ban
    5. Why do you think you're eligible for an unban? :  i quit the game to go sleep. woke up banned for racism and ban evasion thought it was a joke -_-
    6. What rules(s) did you break? : Ban evading / racism  (apparently)
    7. What was the reason for the ban?:i have no clue i did not have any encounters with anyone before i signed off!
    8. Have you ever attempted to Ban evade this Ban? : No

    [CMG] Permanent Ban
    Your ID is: 214141
    Reason: Ban Evading / Racism
    Banned by Deviation
    Appeal @ cmgforums.com

    1. flipsey187


      name flipsey*

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