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  • General Rules

    1.0 Trolling – Trolling is not tolerated.

    1.1 Metagaming – Using out of character information to gain in-game knowledge is not permitted.

         Stream sniping.

         Using OOC chat for in-game advantages.

         Out-of-game communications (e.g. Discord/TeamSpeak) does not come under meta gaming.

    1.2 Power Gaming – Using unrealistic in-game mechanics to alter a situation to your advantage.

         /me ties your hands and other unrealistic /me statements.

         Changing or removing clothing whilst under the initiation timer.

         Changing vehicle livery during an active situation.

    1.3 Fail RP – Unrealistic behaviour

         Repairing your vehicle in an active chase.

         Taking a vehicle out of garage whilst in an active chase.

         Initiating on an officer during a traffic stop, this includes border force locations.

    1.4 RDM – Random deathmatch is the act of killing or purposefully damaging another player without valid initiation.

         Initiation lasts 10 minutes.

         In order to have valid initiation, you must meet the following criteria:

    •        Be visible to the player.
    •        Have a visible weapon in your hands.
    •        Give a clear verbal demand whilst specifying who you are initiating on, either by pointing your weapon or describing the players clothing.

    Both are valid ways to initiate.
    “Oi you, put your hands up!” [Pointing weapon at player]
    “You in the Gucci hoodie, give me your money!” [Not pointing weapon at player]

         You may kill the person you have initiated on if they failed to meet your demands within a reasonable amount of time. You may not give unfair demands. You must give at least 7 seconds for the other player to start reacting to your demands. The person being initiated upon must verbally confirm they are responding to the demands.

         If someone attempts to damage you with a weapon or vehicle with malicious intent, you may shoot back & defend yourself without being prosecuted for RDM. You may report the person who damages you whether you die or win in your self-defence.

         You will have instant 1 on 1 initiation on anyone lockpicking your home/vehicle or stealing your owned vehicle.

    1.5 No Reason to Initiate (NRTI)You are not allowed to walk up to a player and initiate unless you have a valid reason. Some reasons include, committing an illegal activity (not including mining/processing areas), having a visible weapon, entering your property un-invited, inside or found leaving a drug turf, weapon store, or using an ATM. Visible weapons within marked Notable or Whitelisted gang locations (purple areas on the map) are not a reason to initiate. This does not apply to Police.

         Seeing another player open their vehicle boot or inventory is not a valid reason to initiate.

         Seeing two players pass items between each other is not a valid reason to initiate.

         Initiating at a traffic stop or at a border force location is not allowed.


    1.6 VDM – You may not use your vehicle as a weapon. Upon having initiation on a person within a vehicle, you may attempt to disable their vehicle by ramming.

    1.7 Offensive Language/Toxicity – Antagonizing someone based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion/belief is unacceptable. This rule is enforced across the community, in game or out.


    1.8 Breaking Character – When in-game you are not allowed to speak out of character, unless an on-duty staff member is present or in a non-RP zone.

    1.9 Combat Logging – You are not allowed to leave the server whilst in an active situation or initiation.

    1.10 Combat Storing – You are not allowed to store items/weapons during an active situation to avoid being robbed/arrested.

    1.11 Exploiting – Abusing a bug or in-game mechanic to gain an advantage that is not intended.

         Macros and other external modifications are not allowed.

    1.12 Out of game transactions (OOGT) – Selling/Buying or attempting to sell/buy money, vehicles or any other in-game assets for real world money, trade or services is not allowed and all parties will be permanently banned.

    1.13 Spite Reporting – All valid player reports must be reported within 24 hours. If a player is reported after the 24-hour period, this would be classed as spite reporting.

    1.14 Scamming – Scamming is not allowed under any circumstances within the CMG Community.

    1.15 Loans – Loans are not permitted on CMG.

    1.16 Wasting Admin Time - You are intentionally wasting a staff member’s time and/or making a situation last longer when it doesn't need to.


    In character Rules

    2.1 Value of Life – You must value your life at all times.

         If you have no weapon out and you have a gun pointed at you, you must not take your weapon out.

         If another player is standing directly behind you, and has a weapon pointed to the back of your head, you may not attempt to turn around and shoot them if you have a weapon in your hands.

         Taking your own life to evade capture.

         Looting a bag mid gunfight, with active gunshots taking place and when you are not involved in the ongoing gunfight, is now classed as FTVL. Looting a bag out of the way, hidden, or after a gunfight has taken place, is not classed as FTVL. You still need to initiate on a player looting a bag that is not theirs for the taking.


    2.2 Sexual RP – Sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape etc.) is not allowed.

    2.3 Terrorist RP – Terrorist roleplay is not acceptable under any circumstance.

    2.4 Impersonation of Whitelisted Factions – Impersonation of Police, NHS or any whitelisted faction is forbidden. This includes wearing any items of clothing branded with the faction, e.g. 'Police', 'NHS/paramedic'.

    2.5 GTA Online Driving – GTA Driving consists of the following: flying helicopters/airplanes low in the city, driving a non-off-road vehicle in an off-road terrain & performing unrealistic jumps.

    2.6 New Life Rule (NLR)If you respawn you cannot return to the area where you died for 15 minutes or remember anything from your previous life.

    2.7 Bad RP – In order to maintain a high quality of RP, bans will be issues to those who treat the server like GTA Online.

         Counting down during initiation.

         Speak again and you’re dead (restricts roleplay)

         Trash talking after you’ve killed or been killed. Some examples include, “long day”, “see you soon”, “comp or push”.

         Picking up any vehicle with a helicopter at illegal/legal job locations.

    2.8 Kidnapping – You may hold a hostage for a maximum of 30 minutes.


    Faction Rules

    Police / NHS

    3.0 Theft of Emergency Vehicles – Stealing emergency service vehicles such as Police or NHS vehicles is allowed only if you have a valid RP reason.

             A valid RP reason - The emergency vehicle is the only means of escape.

    3.1 Whitelist Abuse – Taking advantage of a faction whitelist.

         Reviving friends.

         Clocked on as the incorrect rank.

         Distributing whitelisted vehicles.

         Police corruption.

         Using whitelisted vehicles whilst off-duty

         Using whitelisted perks/abilities whilst off-duty

         AFK paycheck abuse

    3.2 Cop Baiting – Taking actions to make the police chase and/or engage with you, especially to start a firefight. This includes driving erratically past the police or intentionally causing damage to a police vehicle.

    3.3 Faction Kidnapping – PCSO’s and Custody Sergeant's and Trainee Paramedics are NOT allowed to be taken hostage.

    3.4 Unrealistic Revival – When you have been revived, you are in medical custody until a member of NHS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic.

    3.5 Combat reviving – Reviving any player during an active gunfight.

    3.6 Police Initiation Once initiating on a member of Police, you only have initiation on the officers involved in that active situation. Officers that then involve themselves in the active police situation, such as officers responding or pursuing after initiation has been made, do not have to re-initiate and you do not need to re-initiate on them. You do not have initiation on any officers who are not directly involving themselves in the situation.


    3.7 Gang Cap – Groups larger than 6 are not allowed to engage in hostile RP. If a gang member dies within a situation, another gang member cannot respond to take over this 6th position. It is the gang members responsibility to make sure they are aware of their gang numbers. - Heists, such as the Bank Heist or Jewellery Store robbery, are not subject to hostile gang cap

    3.8 Max Gang Numbers

         6 Members - Hostile RP

         15 Members - Non-Hostile RP Non-Whitelisted

         30 Members - Non-Hostile RP Whitelisted

    3.9 Gang Alliance – Gangs are not allowed to ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size.

    3.10 Gang Initiation Gang initiation is when one member of a gang initiates on another member of another gang and therefore all members of both gangs are automatically initiated on each other if they are visible or within 100 meters. However if you are not within 100m or visible but you turn upto a situation and see your gang member getting damaged you do not need to re-iniaite. To initiate as a group, you must be wearing the same clothing (top and bottoms) and colours as your other party members. Bags, masks, shoes, headwear, and other accessories are not included.

    3.11 Gang Impersonation – Impersonation of other whitelisted gangs is forbidden.


    Green zone-specific rules:

    4.1 - You must not steal a vehicle from the green zone.

    4.2 - You must not buy/sell any illegal items such as drugs or guns in a green zone.

    4.3 - You may not retreat into a green zone whilst being chased or under active initiation.


    Red zone-specific rules:

    4.4 - RDM, FTVL and NRTI do not apply in redzones.

    4.5 - Hostages cannot be taken into red zones.

    4.6 - You may not flee into a red zone whilst being chased or under active initiation.

    4.7 - If players are within a 10-meter radius of a red zone this will be a valid reason to be initiated on.

    4.8 - VDM is not allowed in redzones.

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