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  1. Roguee

    Discord mute

    I will forward this on to Minimanz and get back to you with a response.
  2. For future reference, please fill in this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkBRG7AIAHIR5mz0JlDPkgYQh9hLc87yUiR3f3-j9Lwy4VUg/viewform
  3. Roguee

    Discord Ban

    Make an unban appeal here - https://cmgstudios.net/forums/index.php?/forms/4-unban-appeal/ - and it will be reviewed.
  4. Roguee

    Perm mute

    Open an unban appeal and specify that it's a discord mute & it will be reviewed by Minimanz -> https://cmgforums.com/forums/index.php?/forms/4-unban-appeal/
  5. ive been waiting in teamspeak for 50 mins


    1. Spexx0


      wait longer.

  6. why cant you unban scousemouse he's apologised multiple times to get back in 


  7. hello i am writing to inform to u why u should be un banned, i have waited 4 months for this. i am now fully aware of the rules and now can  make sure i follow them by getting a job and doing my role on this server. i am now ready to be a model citizen in this server. i will follow the rules and make sure i dont break them. i have several mates in this server who i can go to in need of more help. thank you for ur time 

  8. bro i have waited over 3 months


  9. check dms pls

  10. i fully understand that i broke a rule and i genuinly didnt know that i wasnt aloud to do that until after he told me in dms, he also refuses to show more than 14seconds of his clip where it shows the admin banning me he didnt let me even get a word in he just sent me off straight away..this is why he wont show more of his pov .... it was my first offence for interjecting rp and i explained to him in dms i didnt know and that i was sorry and he continued to be rude and ignore my questions about moving foward so it doesnt happen again i feel like i shouldve been educated on this please please get him to show you the part where he actually bans me many thanks for your time

    1. skilbert


      i can show the whole dm between admin if you would like 

    2. Roguee


      If you have an issue with how the admin acted or dealt with your sit, DM a Head Admin+ with all the evidence.

  11. +1 Recently, HitSquad have proven themselves and positively involved themselves in the new gang RP that has made its way back into CMG. Along with this, they have been around the CMG Community for quite a while and have experienced most if not all sides of CMG so have a good outlook on what is expected of a whitelisted faction and they should be run. Finally, the management team behind HitSquad are all extremely mature and know what they're doing. I feel as though HitSquad would make a good addition as a whitelisted faction for the reasons stated above.
  12. pleaseeee re-review my new staff app this one is the real one

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