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Gang Application - The Golden Circle - 08/07/21

Andrew Logan

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What is your gang name? : The Golden Circle

What is your user ID? : 7328


When was your gang created? : 28/04/21


Tell us your gang backstory:

Technically our gang has been in operation since October under the name Majestic but we re-branded as TGC in April.

The poor spend their pennies on mass-produced china, convinced that it has some worth to it. The rich persuade the middle class that diamonds are rare and valuable, despite the stones harvested in Africa by the billion. The Golden Circle convince the rich that the impossible is invaluable.

Hosting social functions for the most rich and powerful people in the world. With hooks throughout Europe, America, Russia and China.

Rumours link the company to drug trafficking, insurance fraud and illegal arms shipments. No concrete evidence has emerged yet to support this claim.

Whilst TGC appears to be a company with ties to the criminal underworld, the organisation itself is merely a very expensive front for something very different. Something that we take great effort in making sure stays a secret. What you are about to read is speculation from eye-witnesses and reports gathered together.


It is known among the ruling elite of the city, that there is a special ops unit that serves the rich, the powerful and connected. They specialise in direct action, interdiction and special reconnaissance among other tactics when they are deployed. They typically wear black camo uniforms that serve them well for night ops or urban operations. Concealing the identity of each member is paramount, they wear specialised goggles that are mirrored and polarised to ensure that even retinal recognition is impossible regardless of the camera type used. Each member is also equipped with a voice scrambler to further ensure identity is protected as well as acting as a tool for intimidation. 


The group employs the highest level of secrecy and anonymity, no names, mottos or even logos displayed by any member of the group. When asked for codenames or the identity of the group, none is provided. Some known nicknames have been:


Men in black

 Ghost men

 Star command


The group has been actively sighted in the city and out, with repeated sightings seen in high crime areas, they have been observed to be monitoring areas of the city, Exactly what their main purpose remains a complete mystery. Whilst there have been many eye-witness accounts and people who have been completely unharmed the group is prone to use extreme force when needed, They use state of the art weapons and spare no expense in accomplishing their goals. Whether they are a mercenary unit for hire or a secret group with its own intentions is not clear, they are seen providing assistance to certain groups one day, then switching allegiances the next.  No main base of operations has yet been found, the group often makes use of aircraft to land from place to place, sometimes as a small fire-team, other times an entire platoon will appear.


What RP does your gang predominantly do? :

In essence we have brought a unique aspect to CMG that no other faction has done, which is creating RP scenarios and scenes through RPing a private black ops group, with a strict focus on high standards, quality RP and making an enjoyable experience for all, we bring our RP not just to other RP gangs but also to civs even at fragging hot spots.

The most recent example even in the early hours of the morning, a new streamer came upon our organisation and had a very good experience and could not believe this level of RP was on a server like CMG. - That reaction on his face makes it worth it. = https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1079763070?t=04h24m20s  (Yes, even RPing in a red zone because it is such an awesome location for RP)

Then there was our little international incident with a certain group of Italian gangsters =

We know that so many people enjoy the RP we bring because many gangs have tried to imitate us (and still do in some cases) yet with the standards of training and military style RP, no one can match us for quality so we can bring a unique edge to CMG that is not just another street gang in suits.

We do not have any license or hours requirements - We welcome anyone who is passionate, wants to learn more about RP and we actively train/teach members whilst also helping them be a positive influence on CMG.


What idea do you have for your whitelisted gang perk? : Would like to discuss with devs to ensure balance and if technically possible. Also would prefer it if it stayed a secret 🙂


Please post a screenshot of your proposed gang outfit(s): https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/768750018479259648/862689687243063317/unknown.png - We would eventually like a custom version of our spec ops outfit so it is entirely OURS and cannot be used by others - For our suits we are happy with a TGC branded tie. - We've removed our rank variations to ensure clothing is freed up for other gangs.


Please post your gang roster: Available to management for review - Our entire Discord has been open to CMG Management since day-1 for all areas so they have been able to see the progression and build.


I confirm I have read and understand the whitelisted gang rules: Yes


Edited by Andrew Logan

I use this space to show off my achievements 

Except I have none

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The golden circle is a great gang and will be even better if whitelisted. 


Edited by luk3st1rrup

CMG Administrator

MPS Deputy Assistant Commissioner [GC-4]

MPS Gold Command

Discord: Luke_004


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  • Andrew Logan changed the title to Gang Application - The Golden Circle - 08/07/21

Insanely huge vouch for this organization, Massive things to still come from the brain power of Mr Logan and his team. So many good RP scenarios have been made with him and his group. Easily one of the best factions standing on the server. +1

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Really great RP gang, Really are about the roleplay and are informative and teaching to members I have lost count of the things that ive learnt while in this gang, it is definitely deserved!







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+1 Reasons above 

                                                 Metropolitan Police Department


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HMP HQ Assistant Governor [PA-3]

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Member since -June 2020
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