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Whitelisted Gang & Business Information


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A whitelisted gang or business on CMG is a group of people who have proven stability and deserving of the whitelisted title for their gang or business, these groups will have additional perks in terms of weaponry, houses & vehicles, they are groups of people that must produce quality RP alongside any day-to-day activities, each whitelisted gang or business on CMG will have gang/business specific rules and if the gang or business meets all the requirements they have the ability to apply for their own whitelisted gang or business on CMG


Gang/Business Whitelist Requirements:

  • Gang/Business must exist for at least 2 month minimum
  • Gang/Business must have a minimum of 15 members
  • Gang/Business must pay £200,000,000 in order to receive the below gang/business perks. (This is £10,000,000 each, if split between 20 members)


  • 1 Custom Gang/Business-specific perk/script.
  • 1 Gang/Business locked vehicle
  • 1 Gang/Business locked weapon
  • 1 Gang/Business Base/HQ

Whitelisted Gang & Business Rules:
Management must have access to the gang/business discord
You must keep fragging to the redzones, majority of the time.
Gangs and businesses must keep a publicly available, updated gang or business roster.
The gang/business Base/HQ is owned by the leader, but upon disband or whitelist removal, the whitelist perks will be removed without a refund.

Whitelisted gangs or business will have a 3 strike system. Strikes may be issued for any but not limited to the following reasons:

  • Gang/business members are breaking rules and not being punished for rule breaks.
  • The gang/business must be active within the city to keep the whitelist.
  • If the gang/business knowingly has a member who is cheating.
  • Gang/business is doing "Bad RP" or causing constant admin situations.
  • Gang or business toxicity.

You can find the application here:

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