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  1. GANG WHITELIST INFORMATION A whitelisted gang on CMG is a group of people who have proven stability and deserving of the whitelisted title for their gang, these groups will have additional perks in terms of weaponry, houses & vehicles, they are groups of people that must produce quality RP alongside any day-to-day activities, each whitelisted gang on CMG will have gang specific rules and if the gang meets all the requirements they have the ability to apply for their own whitelisted gang on CMG Gang Whitelist Requirements: Gang must exist for at least 1 month minimum Gang must have a minimum of 15 gang members Gang must pay £100,000,000 in order to receive the below gang perks. (This is £5,000,000 each, if split between 20 members) Perks: 1 custom gang-specific perk/script. 1 Gang locked gang vehicle 1 Gang locked weapon 1 Gang base/HQ Whitelisted Gang Rules Management must have access to the gang discord You must keep fragging to the redzones, majority of the time. Gangs must keep a publicly available, updated gang roster. The gang house is owned by the leader, but upon disband or whitelist removal, the whitelist perks will be removed. Whitelisted gangs will have a 3 strike system. Strikes may be issued for any but not limited to the following reasons: Gang members are breaking rules and not being punished for rule breaks. If the gang knowingly has a member who is cheating. Gang is doing "Bad RP" or causing constant admin situations. Gang toxicity. You can find the application here: https://cmgforums.com/forums/index.php?/forms/10-apply-to-become-a-whitelisted-gang/
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