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  1. What is your gang name? : Ace cartelWhat is your user ID? : 414When was your gang created? : 01/04/21Tell us your gang backstory: You may be thinking that the Ace Cartel has always been living the high life on the west side of the city, this is not the case. The power and riches that are possessed by the cartel were not handed to them by any means. Many years of anger, pain and an overwhelming hunger for power from a young age is what pushed six neglected foster children to grow up to be some of the most feared names in and around the city. It all started in Summerway, a row of 3 foster homes based in the east side of the city. How this establishment was still operating was a mystery to everyone, what was advertised as a positive place for neglected children to go in order to find a new life, was actually a run down set of houses where children and teenagers up to the age of 15 would go and lose all hope in life, and most likely end up out of education and on the streets. Here at the Ace Cartel we are grateful for the struggle we were put through, because without this we would not be where we are today. The first members you’ll be introduced to are the three brothers Mr Love, Decay, and Mr Bladadah. Born and raised in Sandy Shores, the three soon found themselves struggling when they were kicked out of their home by their parents at a young age. Being so far into the northern countryside there were no facilities for children in need, this forced the three brothers down to Summerway foster home in the city, the only place that could house them without having to move somewhere too far away. The brothers soon got used to life in their new home, while still possessing a burning anger within them due to being abandoned by their parents. The three grew up into frustrated young men who nobody wanted to cross. Luke and Spooky are the next members you’ll be introduced to. Two brothers sent down to the city from Paleto Bay, the two went through the foster system keeping to themselves and grew up into a quiet pair… until you piss them off. Luke now excels in engineering and is the brains of the two brothers, offers from universities within the city have caught Luke’s attention but ultimately the streets are where his heart is. Spooky tends to not use his brain as much and lets violence do the talking, resulting in him having to lay low out of the city occasionally to avoid the law catching up with him. Finally you have Bigz. The OG. The Don Dadda. The one who started what became The Ace Cartel. Being in and out of orphanages from a young age and then and out of prison due to his behaviour shaped him into what he is today. Bigz holds a lot of power over the people around him, this allows him to get whoever bothers him taken out without getting blood on his Due to being around so many people in the prison system he can now read people like books, knowing from first sight who’s loyal and who’s a snake. Over time all the orphans became involved in small street crimes which then advanced into things such as robberies and eventually killings. Bigz took Mr Love, Decay, Mr Bladadah, Luke and Spooky under his wing and they needed to put a name on the group slowly starting to gain a name for themselves around the city. The Ace Cartel stuck, this was due to aces symbolising cards used in gambling money, and money is what we have. A lot of it. The Ace Cartel slowly started investing in property to make their money look a bit more legal, to the point the majority of the west side of the city is now owned by the cartel, including the seafood restaurant on the pier. The cartel is always recruiting the finest of businessmen and the grizzliest of shooters, resulting in what is now known as one of the coldest organisations in the city. ‘”Dead men don’t talk” – The Ace Cartel. What RP does your gang predominantly do? : 10 legal businesses Record Label Pier Bahama Mamas The Ace Cartel have expanded their organisation with a website to include 20x Ace Limited. | Homepage (ace-cartel.org) Sell Weapons through our website What idea do you have for your whitelisted gang perk? : we own pearls and are re modelling it we would like a food script in there so people can come buy food n eat n shit we also would like to keep percent of the money earned robs to rich already thanks Please post a screenshot of your proposed gang outfit(s): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SbxLdgOAUQVKzk4nDFangcfjmlOYUjCAMbu-K8W_huk/edit?usp=sharingPlease post your gang roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1SbxLdgOAUQVKzk4nDFangcfjmlOYUjCAMbu-K8W_huk/htmlviewI confirm I have read and understand the whitelisted gang rules: Yes
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  2. why have i been banned? i wasnt cheating can an admin help please thanks.
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