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Gang Application - scopez__v1 - 01/06/22


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  1. What is your gang name? : London Underworld
  2. What is your user ID? : 274129
  3. When was your gang created? : 06/04/22
  4. Tell us your gang backstory: When I first flew into the city I didn’t know anyone or know where anything was I started my first job as a truck driver done my hardest to get a decent gun and from there I started doing petty little crimes such as robbing shops and people taking there money and one day I tried robbing someone who ended up being the leader of the gambinos however I didn’t end up robbing them instead they offered for me to join there gang and work for them at first it was all good we done loads of stuff together selling drugs robbing people it was like a proper gang but after some time went by they started treating me like I’m worthless and after a while I couldn’t take it and left and from there I thought I will start my own gang called london underworld which comes from hades the leader of the underworld in Greek times I started of little grinding to get money and purchase a diamond license and from there money started coming in more and after a while in the city I stumbled across three men who ended up being my co founders of the gang and my three right hand men that have diffrent roles in the gang from head of security to recruitment leader and from there we started to grow larger and larger by the day and the plans are to get so big at one point we will be the biggest gang in the city with loads of connections to bring in all the drugs guns and everything we could need while making the most money as we desire
  5. What RP does your gang predominantly do? : At first we didn’t really get into get into roleplay however we stumbled across cayo perico island And happened to meet me wick the leader of a Mafia and from then on we have done loads of rp scenes such as having meeting with the head of the police force
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We are always trying to keep RP alive within the city. Not many gangs last or put as much effort in as we do. The Russian Mafia are the only ones we have seen doing RP recently and we RP with them most of the time. We have no intention of quitting the gang or RP. 




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Need more time in the server

Your RP is noticed but keep it up to show your a gang thriving for RP rather than fragging and avoid always being involved in hostage sits


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Senior Administrator

Any questions DM me Chris.#2962 

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